Bon Bini to our art community!

ArtisA is one of the mayor movers & shakers of Art in Aruba!

Our work includes the execution of projects connecting both local and international artists to the wider public. We operate around the clock to ensure that our platform of creative thinkers and makers guarantee their engagement with the community for, as we call it, an extensive “art experience”.

After other successful community art engagements such as Nature & Faces photography competition and Aruba Mural Tours, ARTISA is now spreading its wings to bring the whole art scenery into one simple place for your disposal.

What we focus on



Annually ArtisA hosts different types of events to connect the community with the artists and their art. Closing a much needed gap She is known for such events as Aruba Art Fair, Youth Art Fair & Art Fashion.



Projects are important to reach the community that is why we have various projects such as Nature & Faces photography, Art Expression & Conocemi.



Hands down the biggest success of ArtisA are the murals on the city walls of San Nicolas. Adding more annually during the Aruba Art Fair, you can catch a tour of the walls with curator himself.



We did it! The opening of our Gallery in the heart of San Nicolas is another big accomplishment. In this space we will host and display different arts by a broad range of artists. ArtisA is also the home of our Mural Tours.

Our events & projects.


Elvis Tromp

Helena Hoes

Mo Mohamed

Alejandra Vallejo

Fred Wijenberg

Miranda Gielen

Giovanni Abath 7.1.

WORKSHOP by Elvis Tromp


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Famous Speakers

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Actual Topics

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Coffee Breaks Included

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Individual Consultations

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Free Materials

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Get in touch!

We love to hear from our visitors.


B vd Veen Zeppenfeldstraat 6, San Nicolas



Calling for Volunteers!

Are you a team player that loves art and is eager to learn? It’s a multi-faced position in which we deal with everything that life throws at us. A dynamic and capable person of coping with tight deadlines and stress-full situations. Then you are probably the person we have been looking for. As our motto is during all our events;

We don’t know the answer “cannot”, We just make things happen!