Rolling in paint with
Jean Cherouny

AWG 65 | USD 38 | 24th of June 2023 | 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Rolling in paint with Jean Cherouny

AWG 65 | USD 38 | 24th of June 2023 | 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

During this energized workshop Jean Cherouny will excite learners with her rollerblade painting process called Active Expressionism, enabling students to use acrylic paint to create abstract art on the canvas with lines, and textures to develop a personalized style. Students can expect to bring home their paintings showing these techniques. Jean will guide students to create their own art using wheels as a paintbrush. Working from a quickly drawn marker sketch on paper, students will form their idea to begin working freely with the wheel brushes. Jean will discuss topics such as composition, masking, values, light, and color for experimenting with stunning, layered personal choices using paint.

  • 2 hours of instructional content

  • Open to all levels

  • Wheel tools of different textures

  • Canvas and Acrylic Paint

Jean Cherouny

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Born and raised in Quebec, Canada, Cherouny’s love for art was evident early on. She honed her craft in renowned art schools and through extensive personal exploration. Her fascination with rollerblading began in her teens and eventually, she began to experiment, combining her two passions into an entirely new form of expression.

Innovative, bold, and always inspiring, Jean has been captivating audiences with her live performances and workshops. Her work is a beautiful blend of structure and chaos, rhythm and disruption, mirroring the inherent contradictions of life itself. A true visionary, Jean’s daring fusion of artistic mediums reflects her belief in the unlimited potential of human creativity.

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