Donate to ArtisA – Be a Part of Cultivating Creativity and Heritage in Aruba

Empowering Artistic Expression and Community Growth

ArtisA, which stands for “Art is Aruba,” has evolved into a cornerstone of cultural enrichment and artistic celebration in San Nicolas, Aruba. Since our establishment in 2016, we’ve dedicated ourselves to transforming the city into a vibrant hub of creativity, now renowned as the Street Art Capital of the Caribbean. Our multifaceted platform spans galleries, projects, events, educational tours, and more, each crafted to integrate art into the fabric of everyday life and foster a global appreciation for Aruban creativity.


Our Mission and Impact

Our mission at ArtisA is to nurture and promote artistic expression across various mediums and to engage the community through impactful projects such as:

    • Aruba Mural Festival: Transforming cityscapes into vibrant art exhibits and providing workshops to empower local artists.
    • Aruba Art Fair: A standout event that reinvigorates the perception of art and transforms San Nicolas into a bustling cultural hub.
    • Nature & Faces Photography Competition: Celebrating Aruba’s natural beauty and the diversity of its people.
    • Art Expression Projects: Engaging youth in creative activities that encourage artistic exploration and personal growth.

Events like Art Fashion further enrich our cultural offerings, each designed to support sustainable opportunities for artists and artisans, propelling them to international acclaim while nurturing the next generation of creative minds through art education and public engagement.


Why Your Support Matters

Your donations are vital in sustaining and expanding our initiatives. Each contribution supports:

  • The ArtisA Galleries: Enhancing our exhibition spaces which host a variety of cultural activities and serve as the creative epicenter for our thriving arts community.
  • Educational Programs and Workshops: Offering classes and workshops that empower both young talents and established artists to explore, learn, and perfect their crafts.
  • Community Projects and Festivals: From the Aruba Mural Festival to the Aruba Art Fair, your support helps us promote cultural tourism, enhance economic opportunities for local artisans, and enrich the global art scene.