Kim Violenes
Born in Aruba in 1982, she moved to Holland with her family and lived there for most her life.

As a young child Kim discovered the world of art and has been addicted to it ever since. She has experienced with many different mediums but acrylics is her favorite due to the expressive colors and its quick to dry. She is a self taught artist and always eager to learn different techniques.

In 2015 she decided to follow her dream of becoming a full time artist, she quit her Account Management job and solely focussed on painting every day from her home in Haarlem Amsterdam. After a year she sold her house, car and gave away all belongings to travel with a backpack for 3 years straight. She founded her travels by volunteering and painting murals, she has visited many countries and remote places during that time and it has definitely opened up her mind, grown her creativity and independence.

She has always viewed Aruba as her first home and knew she wanted to grow old there. In may 2019 she came back to Aruba and has been living here since then. From June 2020 she started specializing in painting pets, the most rewarding part is her clients reactions, it is absolutely precious and amazing. She watched a youtube video to learn how to paint a realistic cat and found that it came so naturally that realistic with a twist is her style for now.

Her dream is to one day open a gallery and give free art lessons to the children of Aruba with a difficult childhood and try to help them express themselves in an uplifting way.


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