Elisa Lejuez
Born as a Dutch Caribbean artist, Enjoying the island colors.

At an early age in her sketches and drawings, Lejuez-Peters formulated observations into sensitive expressions, developing them along the way with a discerning, discriminating instinct for colors and shapes.

In 1991 she began studies at the University of Fine Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Her student days were colored by inspiration and a drive for success. A year following her 1996 graduation, Lejuez-Peters completed a specialization in Arts at the Post University of Fine Arts in Arnhem and subsequently achieved her Masters Degree in Arts in 1988.

Putting her extensive formal education into practice paid off while growing as a textile designer for several Dutch textile companies. These positions gave Elisa occasional opportunities to travel to Asia. Her textile designer exposure in the Far East was augmented with precious impressions that built the foundation for her artist’s life.


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