Diana Hopman
Born in the Netherlands, living and working on Aruba since 1991.

Her passion for painting started in 1999, at an oil painting workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona. After a couple of years she tried acrylic paint and hasn’t stopped since.
Not only does she paint on regular canvas, she also has done a lot of work on wooden boxes, driftwood and paper collages.
Although painting is her first love, she also likes making glass beads, mosaics, pottery and ceramics.
Since an early age, she has been interested in travel, geography, history and maps of any kind especially maps of other countries.
This interest, combined with her desire to recycle brought her to this current project: where she combines and repurposes old maps, encyclopedias and travel magazines as a backdrop to paint on.
Her favorite subjects to paint are diverse and varied but are always infused with the island life feeling.
Her surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving kids are a source of inspiration but that’s not all. From pineapples and palm trees to cutlery, turtles and other sea
life, all of her work has the island vibe and will bring the island life into any home.


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